Susan (Susie) Loo – executed during WW2 – associate (wife?) of Chan Kim Ming

York Lo: As well as Chan Kim Ming, I have also looked into Susan (Susie) Loo, the operator of Sky Hawk Cafe in Kweilin during WW2.

According to Chinese sources, her original name was Chan Sue-chun and they listed her as married to a KMT military official with the last name Wei rather than Chan Kim-ming.

She was subsequently executed on an unknown date.

HF: This BAAG Counter Espionage Precis #1 p 12, sent by ER, dated 21st January 1944, contains a description of both Chan Kim Ming and Susan Loo. Here’s Loo’s.

BAAG Counter Espionage Precis #1 p 12 Chan Kim Ming snipped extract Susan Soo

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