43 Sung Hill Quarry, Kowloon – where and when?

HF: I found this image purporting to be at Sung Hill Quarry, in Kowloon while reading about the history of quarrying in Hong Kong since WW2 on the  Lord Wilson Heritage Trust website. I have never come across this quarry before nor can I find any information about in my small colection of HK quarrying reference books.

Can anyone provide any information about or further images of the Sung Hill Quarry?

If so, please email me, Hugh Farmer at the email address shown in contact the Group on our Home Page.

Quarrying In Hk Since World War Two Lord Wilson Heritage Trust Photo 7 Rock Breakingin Sung Hill Kowloon 1956

Rock breaking in Sung Hill Kowloon City 1956

This  article was first posted on 7th February 2018.

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  • Phil

    Hi Hugh – could it be Sacred Hill or what was left of it after the Japanese had destroyed it? Without knowing the Chinese character for “Sung” it’s a bit of a stab in the dark.

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