45 Proposed fixed crossing to Lantau Island, late 1970s

The SCMP of 2nd March 2018 has in its Remember A Day feature this extract: “The serene resort-like residential development Discovery Bay was only starting to take shape 40 years ago this week when the government began to explore the feasibility of building a fixed crossing to Lantau Island.”

The Tsing Ma bridge and its neighbour the Kap Shui Mun bridge both opened in 1997 but I have not coma across any proposed bridge to Lantau prior to the opening of the new airport. Any information regarding government or private proposals connecting Lantau to Kowloon or the New Territories would be most welcome.

Tymon Mellor adds: There was the big project in the 90’s to reclaim Green Island and container terminal 10 off Lantau, then link them with a bridge carrying road and rail.

Lantau Bridge Connecting To Green Island Image 1 Tymon Mellor


While on the subject you may be interested in other proposed bridges in Hong Kong that did not come to fruition.

Proposed iron bridge connecting HK Island – Kowloon pre-1921 


Kowloon Trams – the when, the where but not the why not…and proposed cross harbour tram bridge!

If you provide any information about proposed bridges to Lantau please contact me

Hugh Farmer indhhk at gmail dot com

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  • AC

    A fixed road crossing to Lantau Island was mentioned in the White Paper on Internal Transport Policy 1979 (http://ebook.lib.hku.hk/HKG/B35831297.pdf)–
    “The Government is carrying out an investigation of the development potential of Lantau Island… and the road facilities required for this development. …preliminary indications are that a fixed road crossing to Lantau could be constructed.”

    It’s also worth noting that Chek Lap Kok was identified as a potential location for the new airport by the Air Transport System Long Term Planning Investigation in 1973. (http://ebook.lib.hku.hk/bldho/legco/LegcoBL043.pdf)

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