BAAG records of shipping in HK during 1944-45 – the Wuhu (or Buko) Maru

Elizabeth Ride has British Army Aid Group (BAAG) records of shipping movements for 1944-45 in Hong Kong during the Japanese occupation in World War Two.

These provide information not only about the ships themselves but what cargo was being brought into and out of Hong Kong during the latter stages of WW2, passengers carried, and of godowns, docks etc that were being utilised.

BAAG Report KWIZ #66 15th September 1944

The Wuhu (or Buko) Maru, a cargo ship, was seen on 4 August 1944

Arrived on 30 July 1944

Inward cargo: 20 horses, a quantity of fodder, beans, paddy and wheat. Entire cargo transported to Canton.

Departed on X

Outward cargo: X

Transit cargo: X

Inward passengers: 2,000 military officers and men, immediately transferred to Canton in small launches

Repairs: Vessel is being repainted in a different colour.

An image of this ship would be helpful.

BAAG KWIZ #66 Wuhu Maru

One comment

  • Peter Cundall

    Wuhu Maru was built in 1942 and was 3222 gross tons. Her official number was 50250. The ship had indeed already been sunk by submarine attack on 29 October 1943 in 22.40N 116.10E and therefore could not have been a member of convoy No. 92 which left Takao 27 July and arrived Hong Kong 30 July 1944 and is known to have consisted of Sainan Maru and Tozan Maru (ex Soochow) – see these separate entries escorted by old destroyer Kuri and torpedo boat Hiyodori.

    It is possible but unconfirmed the ship was Boko Maru (ex Sagres) that was in the general area at the time and had the same kanji suffix and similar prefix. Boko Maru was however sunk soon after as below:

    Boko Maru 04 2333 War Captured ex Sagres (Br)
    4/8/44 departed Kirun en route to Moji. 9/8/44 at 0407 in position 27.56N 128.47E about 18km WNW of Mt Amagi, Tokunoshima torpedoed and sunk. At the time loaded with sugar.
    Sunk by USS Barbel.

    .It seems unlikely the ship could have got to Kirun (Keelung) and loaded a cargo of sugar (a Formosan export) in time to depart 4 August. For this reason the identity of this ship is questionable. .

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