11 The Elm Tree Tool and Die Company

11. The Elm Tool and Die Company

Newsletter Seven mentioned American Louis Marx’s Hong Kong “The Elm Tool and Die Company”, established in 1952 and managed by a David Yea. (However, another source  suggests this company was  registered on 15th November 1958 and dissolved on 2nd March 1991.) It appears this was a toy company as Mr. Yea was destined to become owner and CEO of Universal Matchbox Toys. Further investigation into Marx’s involvement in Hong Kong, the Company or David Yea’s connection to it has provided nothing further. Can anyone take us forward?


  • Hugh Farmer

    Sarah Monks, author of Toy Town, a history of the extraordinary development of the post WW2 industry in Hong Kong, has written to say that this company was actually called The Elm Tool & Machinery Company Ltd. The ELM reflected Louis Marx’s initials and was supposed to stand for “Excellent Louis Marx”.

  • Victor Rudik

    Does anyone know about the “King” brand of toys? It appears to have been one of those that was used to sell Marx Miniature sets that were made in Hong Kong. Similar to the “Toys Universal” brand.

  • Bryan

    Good morning,

    I am a collector of mark toys .I have owned Marx miniature playsets and Marx carryall playsets as a child. Do you have any inventory that I may purchase ? I can purchase a bulk lot. If not please direct me to who I contact.

    thank you so much
    971-219-8394 . . USA

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