Walter Dunn & Company – nautical instruments

James Chan: This advert from 1951 is courtesy of Grace’s Guides: British Industrial History. However, the company doesn’t appear to have operated in the UK. So I wonder if it was a Hong Kong based company. If so did it manufacture here?

I can find no mention of Walter Dunn & Co. in the HK Public Records Office newspaper search. And Grace’s Guides does not say where this advert came from.

Walter Dunn and Company



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  • knoxploration

    Likely the same Walter Dunn & Co. that was selling nautical publications from Man Yee Building in the late 1960s. They appear to have been a retailer, rather than a manufacturer:

    From the first link (1966):

    “Messrs. Walter Dunn and Company of Man Yee Building, Hong Kong, maintain ample stocks of Admiralty charts, nautical publications and navigational instruments.”

    And from the second link (1967):

    “Useful publications and where to obtain them

    3. Regulations for Preventing Collision at Sea Price $2
    On sale at George Falconer & Co. Ltd.,
    903 Prince’s Building, Hong Kong, or
    Walter Dunn & Co., Man Yee Building,
    Hong Kong”

    The original Man Yee Building, incidentally, was located at 60-68 Des Voeux Rd Central. It was said to be the colony’s first to feature elevators, and its last to feature manually-operated escalators. It was torn down in 1999:

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