Hong Kong Clays and Kaolin Company (香港磁泥有限公司) – Kaolin Mine, Cha Kwo Ling

York Lo: From 1903 to 1983, kaolin clay was mined in a quarry in Cha Kwo Ling, a village near Kwun Tong facing the harbor. The 19 acre mine was operated by Hong Kong Clays and Kaolin Company (香港磁泥有限公司)…

…In post War Hong Kong, George McBain operated out of the South China Morning Post Building in Central and the primary operation was HK Clays & Kaolin Co.


Hong Kong Legislative Council Minutes 21st August 1947

YL: According to a description in a 1956 report, the product of HK Clays & Kaolin “is used in making ceramics locally and there is a flourishing export trade to Japan for the manufacture of high-grade porcelain ware, dinner sets and high voltage insulators. More recently there has been a big demand for this clay for fire bricks and fire clay.”

According to the 1977 Minerals Yearbook, the firm also produced 3378 tons of feldspar that year from its Cha Kwo Ling mine.


Undated. Source: 吳昊(老花鏡)


The Kaolin Mine, Cha Kwo Ling post-closure. Undated. Source: York Lo

This article was first posted on 29th December 2016.

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