Tai Ping Carpets – A Brief History

Tai Ping Carpets, Al Rabin (standing), The American Super Salesman Played A Key Role In Tai Ping's Early Days, HKHP

Melanie Li, Manager – Corporate and Community History at the Hong Kong Heritage Project has kindly given permission for the following script and images to be used on our website. The image captions came with the photographs. Prior to the 1950s, carpets were rarely seen in tropical, humid regions such as Hong Kong. Luxury hotels such as the Repulse Bay […]

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May Sun Shoes Manufactory (美新鞋廠)

May Sun Shoes Manufactory Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: May Sun Shoes Manufactory (美新鞋廠) Ad for May Sun Shoe in 1938(Source: 新型畫報 – 民國廿七年(1938)創刊特大號) May Sun Shoes Manufactory was founded in the 1930s by Yip Chi-shing (葉智成) with its factory located at 18B Aberdeen Street in Central. From the 1938 ad above, its phone number was the auspicious and easy to remember 28662 and its leather shoes […]

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The Tam Brothers behind Wai Yee Co, King’s Shirts and Yau Sun Shoes

THe Tam Brothers Detail Image 6 York Lo

York Lo: The Tam Brothers behind Wai Yee Co, King’s Shirts and Yau Sun Shoes From the 1920s to 1970s, the families of two brothers – Tam Lap-chiu and Tam Lap-kee – were active in both the manufacturing and retail of garments and shoes. Old timers might recall their retail outlets on Des Voeux Road Central in Sheung Wan. Tam […]

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The KCR – choices of routes, construction and opening

Hugh Farmer with thanks to IDJ for the main account: The idea of connecting Hong Kong and China with a railway was first proposed to prominent Hong Kong businessmen in March 1864 by a British railway engineer, Sir Rowland MacDonald Stephenson (1808-1895), who had considerable experience of developing railways in India. The minutes of the committee of the Chamber of […]

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Best in the Globe – Koon Chuen Kow Knitting Factory (冠全球織造廠)

Koon Chuen Kow Knitting Factory Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Best in the Globe – Koon Chuen Kow Knitting Factory (冠全球織造廠) Left: Koon Chuen Kow’s Kinson brand (1939 HK Government Report); Right: Koon Chuen Kow’s Flying Globe brand (1941 HK Govt Report) Koon Chuen Kow Knitting Factory (which stands for “best in the globe”) is probably the oldest knitwear firm in Hong Kong, still in business after close […]

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Hong Kong Industry during World War One

HF:  This is an initial attempt to analyse the impact of World War One on industry in Hong Kong. First some rather surprising evidence of pro-German feelings immediately prior to the outbreak of WW1. During research at the national archives in Berlin for his forthcoming book, The Germans and Hong Kong, 1843-1997, Bert Becker, associate professor of history at the […]

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Arnhold, Karberg & Company – founded in Hong Kong, 1866

Arnhold Karberg Building, Straigfht On, South Street, Shamian Island, Guangzhou Nick Kitto

HF: The venerable firm of Arnholds, Karberg Company was founded in 1866 and I believe has had a continuous presence in Hong Kong, barring when it was liquidated during World War One, currently as Arnhold which deals in building materials and engineering equipment distribution. The early days of the company were written about by the equally venerated Hong Kong historian Carl Smith […]

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