Dick, Kerr and Company, Preston UK, makers of first HK Tramways cars 1904-1905

Hugh Farmer: In February 1902 The Hongkong Tramway Electric Company Ltd was formed in England. Contracts were signed. Alfred Dickenson & Co were appointed consulting engineers and Dick, Kerr & Co Ltd were contracted to provide the tram equipment and track. The latter supplied the first tram cars between 1904 and 1905 as below:

Make/ModelDescriptionFleet sizeYear acquiredYear retiredNotes
Dick, Kerr & Company of Preston, England (#1–16, #27-36) and Electric Railway & Tramway Works Limited of Preston (a Dick Kerr subsidiary) (#17–26) First Generation carssingle deck cars – wood36 (reduced to 18 in 1912-1913, and further to 14 in 1923)1904–19051935

Tram cars - first ones

I can find no information about the track supplied by the company or “equipment.” I have emailed the Preston Historical Society to see if they can come up with any further information about the Dick, Kerr – HK Tramways connection or similar regarding Electric Railway & Tramway Works Ltd.

The photo below show the Dick, Kerr & Company East Works at Strand Road, Preston, UK, 1900

Courtesy: Preston Digital Archive

Courtesy: Preston Digital Archive


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