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Silver Mine Bay Mine 6 HK Telegraph 23.9.1905

Our Group started in November 2012 with the website following in October 2013. We currently have over 1,200 articles posted all of which are shown in the Index. Contributions have come from an estimated 350 people ranging from a single line comment to a full length article. Plus those who help the group in other ways as shown in the […]

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W R Loxley & Co (China) Ltd – Hong Kong Merchants from 1872 – initial notes

According to Claire Grey’s excellent family history website, linked below, W R Loxley and Company (China) Ltd was established in Hong Kong in 1872 and… ‘…J. M. Beattie bought it possibly in 1900. Later two brothers: A. Beattie and M. P. Beattie joined the firm. The business was sold to J. A. Russell and D. O. Russell in 1919 and under the agreement A. Beattie […]

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Hornsey Gas holder No 1, London – 1892, oldest surviving example of Cutler’s Patent Guide Framing, Aberdeen Gasometer

Hornsey Gas Holder No.1 Pinterest

Our article about the origins of the Aberdeen Gasometer led us to discover that it was originally constructed by Samuel Cutler & Sons of Millwall, London and Telford, UK. This in turn provided both Stephen Davies and IDJ  with the opportunity to link this particular gasometer design to Cutler’s Patent Guide Framing which was patented in 1888. Very familiar to any UK city […]

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39 Was cotton grown in the New Territories post 1898?

HF: J H Stewart Lockhart was Colonial Secretary in Hong Kong from 1895-1902. He wrote a report to the Colonial Office in London, reporting on “The New Territory” . This followed “The Convention between Great Britain and China respecting an Extension of the Colony of Hong Kong.” The report was published on the 8th Oct 1898. The report has an intriguing mention […]

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Flying boats before Kai Tak runway opened – SCMP article

Miss Macao Detail Flying Boat Touches Down In Macau China Mail Chic Eather

  ‘Scheduled seaplane services were a vital fixture in Victoria Harbour for more than two decades starting from the 1930s, and some of the floatplanes flying between Hong Kong and Macau had a special mission – shuttling gold between the two colonies. James Ng, an expert on Hong Kong’s aviation history and a member of the Hong Kong Collectors Society, […]

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Caltex Oil Terminal – Tsuen Wan – recollections of an Assistant Terminal Superintendent, 1973 to 1978

HF: The image below shows the developing Tsuen Wan in the foreground, the Caltex oil storage depot in the background with a hill top cemetery above. JKW: I can confirm this, because I grew up here. My father worked for Caltex as a civil engineer supervising work at the oil terminal, as he called it, from 1973 to 1978. We […]

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Auguste Pierre Marty – obituary, brother of A R Marty, founder of A. R. Marty in Hong Kong 1874

Marty, Auguste Pierre Obituary A2 SCMP25.1.1909 Stephen Davies

Stephen Davies: Auguste Pierre Marty, who died in HK in 1909, was resident here (and in his latter years Spanish Consul) from his arrival, aged 17, in 1871, to work for his brother Auguste Raphael Marty (who also lived in HK until he moved to Haiphong in 1906 where he died in 1914), who founded the company (A.R. Marty & […]

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Auguste Raphael Marty, obituary, founder of A. R. Marty in Hong Kong 1874

Marty, Auguste Raphael Obituary Detail 3 SCMP 17.12.1914

“The French merchant Auguste Raphael Marty (1841–1914) established his own trading house, A. R. Marty et Cie, in Hong Kong in 1874. Following the acquisition of northern Indochina by France, he and his business partner, [Edouard] Jules d’Abbadie  in September 1886, founded the shipping company Marty et d’Abbadie in the port of Haiphong.”(1) Information about A.R.Marty et Cie appears thin on […]

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Planned helicopter service HK to Macau 1962, Stanley Ho

Stanley Ho Early Image

Many thanks to IDJ for sending the article below. It announces that following Stanley Ho being awarded the Macau gambling franchise which took effect from 1st January 1962 he planned to introduce a helicopter service between Hong Kong and Macau. There are no further details about these proposals regarding locations, timetables, costs, helicopters etc. IDJ says the helicopter plan was […]

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