Swire BFI Waste Services Ltd – opening of third transfer station in Shatin

Swire BFI Waste Services Ltd Detail Image Of 3rd Station Heading Waste Management 1995 From IDJ

Some brief notes on the Swire Waste Services Ltd. Swire BFI Waste Services Ltd was apparently formed in 1987 as a 50:50 joint venture with Browning Ferris Industries. I am assuming, until corrected that BFI refers to Browning- Ferris Industries a North American waste management company that was disbanded in 1999. In 1993 Swire BFI won a 50-year landfill management contract in […]

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Tai Ping Carpets – A Brief History

Tai Ping Carpets, Al Rabin (standing), The American Super Salesman Played A Key Role In Tai Ping's Early Days, HKHP

Melanie Li, Manager – Corporate and Community History at the Hong Kong Heritage Project has kindly given permission for the following script and images to be used on our website. The image captions came with the photographs. Prior to the 1950s, carpets were rarely seen in tropical, humid regions such as Hong Kong. Luxury hotels such as the Repulse Bay […]

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Can you lend a hand to help the Group…writing a short article, translating, retyping, improving an image…?

Silver Mine Bay Mine 6 HK Telegraph 23.9.1905

Our Group started in November 2012 with the website following in October 2013. We currently have over 1,300 articles posted all of which are shown in the Index. Contributions have come from an estimated 350 people ranging from a single line comment to a full length article. Plus those who help the group in other ways as shown in the […]

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The Fresh Water Fish Farming Industry of the New Territories

Colin Davidson: The Fresh Water Fish Farming Industry of the New Territories It is thought that fish farming in the New Territories evolved from rice paddy, where shrimp were farmed at the water gateways to the paddy.  Gradually the shrimp and fish farming developed, whilst the growing of rice declined.  As a result over time, rice paddy was replaced by […]

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The Fish Pond Industry, New Territories – the fish

HF: These are the six fish that are mentioned in the HKU report of the mid-1950s, The Bionomics of Pondfish Culture in the New Territories, by T Chow. And these are the latest statistics from AFCD: This article was first posted on 9th July 2014. Related Indhhk articles: The Bionomics of Pondfish Culture in the New Territories The Fresh Water Fish Farming […]

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Landfills in Hong Kong being filled with plastic shipped from the UK

Plastic Waste Image Daily MAIL 24.1.18 IDJ

IDJ has sent this Daily Mail, UK, article which suggests an additional reason why Hong Kong’s landfill sites are filling up as outlined in our recently posted article, Waste collection, disposal and management in Hong Kong – initial notes, linked below. “Thousands of tons of plastic collected for recycling from British homes is being shipped and dumped on sites across the world. […]

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The Myrobalan tree – traditional Chinese throat candy and summer pillows

Myrobalan Image Notice Pillow

HF: While walking up Hatton Road above the University of Hong Kong, on The Peak on Monday 22nd January 2018, I came across the signs below about the Myrobalan tree, also known as Emblic and Yau Kam Chi or Phyllanthus emblica (Euphorbiaceae). This can be added to our small but growing list of HK trees that were traditionally used to […]

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Waste collection, disposal and management in Hong Kong – initial notes

Waste Image In HK SCMP 18.09.2015 Bloomberg Image

HF: According to a 2013 Enviromental Protection Department report all three landfill sites in Hong Kong will be full by 2019. The creation of waste and its disposal have obviously been happening since people first settled in the area now known as Hong Kong though with a considerable increase in recent times. A huge subject then that I approach with […]

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The KCR – choices of routes, construction and opening

Hugh Farmer with thanks to IDJ for the main account: The idea of connecting Hong Kong and China with a railway was first proposed to prominent Hong Kong businessmen in March 1864 by a British railway engineer, Sir Rowland MacDonald Stephenson (1808-1895), who had considerable experience of developing railways in India. The minutes of the committee of the Chamber of […]

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