Alfonso J. Ben, aka Yan Ben-Kwan 甄秉鈞, co-founder of The National Lacquer and Paint Products Co Ltd

Alfonso J Ben Aka Yan Ben Kwan, 甄秉鈞 1932 Mage From NLPP Website

Anna Marie Lowe recently left a comment below our article, The National Lacquer and Paint Products Co Ltd. Anna is the granddaughter of Huang Yang-yin, 黃仰賢, aka Harry J. Lowe,co-founder of NLPP She met the other co-founder Yan Ben-Kwan, 甄秉鈞, aka Alfonso J. Ben, (1898- 1972) a few times as a child. “The National Lacquer and Paint Products Company, Limited was […]

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Robey & Company, Lincoln, UK – suppliers of structure and machinery at Silver Mine, Mui Wo

Robey & Company Advert 1898 Grace's Guides

Andrew Wood’s article, The Silver Mine of Silver Mine Bay, contains the following: “By 1888, Ho’s engineers had driven at least four adits – horizontal tunnels – deep into the granite… An aerial ropeway took the ore from the mine over rice fields and a hill to a smelting works near the seashore 3000 feet (900 metres) away on the north side […]

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Horse drawn carriages during the Japanese occupation, WW2

HF: The article, World War Two – 1945 BAAG report – transport and fuel supplies in occupied HK, states in the section Motor Bus Services that post Sept 1942 most buses had been removed from HK. Not surprisingly other forms of road transport were revived. And our article, HK Industry during World War Two – Transport, contains an extract from a book by Cheng Po […]

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Ah King’s Shipyard – first location 1891?-1925, west of HK Corinthian Yacht Club

Hong Kong Corinthian Yacht Club Image 1908 Gwulo

Stephen Davies/HF: Ah King’s Shipyard is thought to have had three locations. Gwulo suggests these were: 1st  On the Praya waterfront in Wanchai, today’s Johnston Road 2nd 1925 – 1955 Causeway Bay Typhoon shelter in the very corner on a piece of Crown Land 3rd 1955 – 2002 Moved to the final location when the Causeway Bay typhoon shelter was […]

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The Mariners’ Club – constructed 1967 – about to undergo major renovations

Mariners' Club Image MC Website

“The Mariners’ Club has reinstated plans to renovate its near half-century-old building which have been put on and off the table for nearly 30 years, as declining revenue and a low number of seafarers using the club put pressure on its financial sustainability… … The number of Hong Kong sailors working on long-haul vessels has dropped from a peak of […]

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Louis (Ludwig) Heerman, watchmaker, Queen’s Road, 1858-?

Charles Weiss HBRAS Detail Louis Heerman

Carl Smith wrote a lengthy article, The German Speaking Community in Hong Kong 1846-1918, published in the the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, Hong Kong Branch, 1994. The article mentions several people and companies involved, mid-19th century, in the business of selling chronometers and watches in HK. Were these actually made here or in Europe? It seems unlikely that […]

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Winsome Plastic Works – Wanchai and Shau Kei Wan, 1950s, photos

Winsome Plastic Works Detail Image 2 From Cecilia Young

York Lo has sent this 1954 newspaper article about Winsome Plastic Works. Cecilia Young, daughter of co-founders Mr & Mrs Young Sze Kuen, has translated it. She has also kindly sent photographs from her family archives. Many thanks to IDJ for upgrading the latter. “Winsome Plastics Works was first established and managed by Mrs YOUNG Sze Kuen (a Po Leung […]

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An Appraisal of the Squatter Factories Clearance Policy in Hong Hong, 1985

Squatter Factories Clearance Policy 1985 Image B Detail Dyeing Factory In Diamond Hill

Tsang King Man wrote a report for the Individual Planning Workshop in 1985, as part of the partial fulfillment for an MSc, titled An Appraisal of the Squatter Factories Clearance Policy in Hong Hong. The images included in the report were not of a high quality. Many thanks to IDJ for making them more presentable. They appear to be have been taken […]

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Aerated Water Companies in Hong Kong

HF:  Some initial notes on manufacturers and  suppliers of aerated water in Hong Kong. All linked articles are Indhhk Group unless otherwise stated. a) The China Aerated Water Company Ltd Incorporated 1930 Dissolved 17th February 1956 b) The Connaught Aerated Water Company Ltd, Hong Kong & China. Known as Connaught Aerated Soft Drinks & Beverages [factory] (Hong Kong) in 1906? […]

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Norman Young Sze-kuen, founder of Yuen Hing Hong & Company Ltd

Norman Young 1967 Image Detail A HK Album York Lo

Cecilia Young: My brothers and I are trying to gather information about my father’s company Yuen Hing Hong & Co. Ltd which he and my mother established in Hong Kong. My father was Norman Young Sze-kuen (born 26th September 1917) and mention is made of him in York Lo’s article, linked below, Chieng Han-chow – Father of the Hong Kong Plastic Industry, […]

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